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Cardigan: Our Angora Rabbit

french angora_sm_7

Meet the newest addition to our homestead: Cardigan a blue french angora rabbit.  She is about 16 weeks old.  Her personality is curious, not shy.  She is a wool rabbit.







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Light Backpacking on The Colorado Trail, Presentation


Date: 5/7/2012
Event Location: REI, Boulder
Event Fee: Free
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (MST)
Presenter: Phil Magistro and Apryle Craig

Description: Join husband and wife team Phil Magistro and Apryle Craig as they present photos and stories from their 29 day thru-hike of The Colorado Trail with an emphasis on how they traveled light.  The 486-mile trail starts in Denver and ends in Durango, passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in Colorado. In addition to photos and stories, Phil and Apryle will provide tips on packing light and planning food rations.  The Colorado Trail is right out our backdoor – whether you’re considering a weekend mountain biking trip, a month long hiking expedition, or volunteer trail work come see how you can take advantage of this amazing trail!



Keeping bees – sweet as honey!


We harvested honey last Friday (Apr 27).  We’re trying to replace all our sugar with honey.  We have a top bar beehive.  Thanks to fellow homesteaders Marc and Diana for their courageous assistance.  It was a sticky mess and took days to process the honey.  Email us if you have any questions about top bar hives or honey gathering.

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Go Wild! Kayak Expedition Presentation this Friday!

go wild

We’re doing a slideshow presentation at REI Boulder Friday at 6:30 pm. Photos, video, and an update on salmon farming along the Inside Passage. For more info visit

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Happy Holidays (photos)

Hey, everyone! Happy holidays! Here are a bunch of photos of our house, our first Christmas Tree (a live blue spruce named Fat Albert!), and a bounty of gifts waiting to be opened. Thanks to everyone who thought of us this holiday season.

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Autumn Update: Garden, etc (Photos)


Climbed a tree and picked apples. Made applesauce and apple pies. Got some local Palisade, CO peaches and canned those up. My boss gave me some cucumbers out of his brother’s garden; made some pickles. Baking lots of pies!! Put a coat of paint on our concrete stairs. Phil got pretty good tomatoes this year. You’ll also see pictures of the wheat crop.

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