First Aid and CPR Classes

Estes Park is an extremely popular tourist location located at 7,522′ above sea level with mountainous terrain and easy access to hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, horseback riding, and other inherently risky activities. Are you and your employees prepared to deal with an emergency?

Learning CPR and First Aid and staying current on certification is important. Moreover, if your company operates under a Commercial Use Authorization in Rocky Mountain National Park, at least one guide on every trip must be currently certified in Standard First Aid and CPR.

As an American Heart Association certified CPR and First Aid instructor in Estes Park, Phil Magistro can teach you and your employees. I offer private Estes Park CPR and First Aid courses at your location. Participants who pass the course will receive a 2 year certification from the American Heart Association.

To set up a course email Phil (philip.magistro at or call 610-413-2240.

Course Offerings:

Heartsaver® CPR AED 3-4 hrs, $55 per person.
Features hands-on adult CPR AED training, and includes optional modules on child CPR AED and infant CPR. (This course replaces the Heartsaver ® CPR and Heartsaver ® AED courses.)

Heartsaver® First Aid 2-3 hrs, $45 per person.
Provides first responders with training in basic first-aid procedures.

Heartsaver® courses are designed for on-site training of employees who, because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements, have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency. These courses satisfy the Rocky Mountain National Park CPR and First Aid requirements for guides and outfitters. The courses features a modular format that creates flexibility and is ideal for learners who prefer group interaction and feedback from an instructor while learning skills. Student workbooks are available for reference during the course and available for purchase at a cost of $15.

To set up a course email Phil (philip.magistro at or call 610-413-2240.

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