Back from Wyoming

Here I am again, in my ghetto palace, putting a few more thoughts to keyboard. Someone is setting off fireworks in the neighborhood…either that or my neighbor’s house just got bombed. It wouldn’t suprise me much….the other night I watched a pretty serious fight break out in the street in front of my apartment. I actually saw someone break a chair over some other guy’s back. These drunk idiots were out there trying to kill each other, and may have succeeded had seven police cruisers and a few plainclothes officers not showed up to quell the disturbance. With ample use of their nightsticks, of course. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….a beautiful day for a neighbor…”
I got back a few days ago from Wyoming. Never thought I’d have culture shock from traveling around the USA. Sean (my friend and climbing partner for the trip) lived the vagabond life to the fullest…eating cheap food cooked over a white gas stove, sleeping either under the stars or in the back of the Subaru, hanging out with locals and climbing the best routes either of us had ever seen. Read all about it in my upcoming book, A Dirtbag Climber’s Guide to Wyoming.
So the next few days signify the end of my last summer in college. After this, I’m in the real world. It doesn’t really mean much to me, though…except I’ll have to dig up some health insurance. The thought of taking on so-called real-life responsibilities doesn’t appeal to me very much. I’ll not work in an office, not for a while anyhow….the government doesn’t quite suit me yet. I think I’ll probably get a lot figured out while in Patagonia next spring….and if not I’ll have plenty of time to eat tuna helper and pancakes off my whisperlite in Yosemite valley while waiting for my life to come together.
Not that I’m passive about anything….I just believe that good things come to those who wait. And when the right thing comes my way, I’ll take full advantage of it. I have no doubts or concerns.


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