Burning for Change

The itch really comes back fast. In August I was totally burned out, ready in my mind for nothing more than a few weeks of normal life and a couple years of getting on track with real life. My reality is a little bit different, however. I just can’t do it. I simply cannot bring myself to stay put. Nor do I want to…and I am not sure if staying put is even worth it. Looking back, since leaving home at 18 I haven’t spent more than seven months in one place without a journey of some sort. Europe, China, Wyoming, South America…I’ve had a host of really good experiences vagabonding across the world. Why stop now?

I have a history of feeling this way in November, of burning for a change. Maybe it is on account of the short days, or maybe just because it is the end of the comfy climbing season and still too early for ice. Just get me through to December…put snow on the ground and ice on the rock. I’m giving a lot of thought to my future lately and really am excited, but the waiting kills me. Ah I want to be in the mountains! Or on the ocean! The westbound on-ramp tugs at me more and more when I take the turnpike…and not because I want to visit Ohio.

On a more practical note, life is pretty simple right now. Apryle, Lou, Chris Krizan and I went to the New River Gorge for the weekend, thrashed up some hard climbs and hiked a loooooong way on Saturday, then headed up to Krahlick’s for some stairbuilding on Sunday. The project went really well; I was duly impressed by the motivation and energy put out by the POC kids. Apryle is away for the week on a business trip, leaving me in Pittsburgh tending to a life more akin to one I led last year at this time. Feels familiar, but I like having her around. This week I’m dealing with cars, climbing gear, and the apartment, along with other little bothers like finances, insurance, and job applications. Ready for a change. “Give me a boat that can carry two, and both will row…”


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