Chicken Dinner

Bad news. One of our chickens died an early death yesterday. Before leaving for work, Phil went to give the chickens water in the morning as we always do and he came home with a casualty. Phil made short work of getting the bird into the fridge – about 7 minutes. I did what I could, but mostly just stared in awe as the feathers were flying.

The red broiler had the typical symptoms of broiler ascites – fluid in the abdomen and dark reddish meat. We were in too much of a hurry (to get Phil off to work) to examine the heart or liver, which also shows symptoms. Ascites is not caused by a bacteria or virus – it is more akin to a person having a heart attack. We have a call in to the hatchery to see if chickens who died of ascites are edible. There are a lot of different opinions on the internet, but all are from your average chicken owner.

On a brighter note, I finished my gift for CJ, Kelly, and baby-to-be. Hope to get that packaged up today and into the mail on Monday. I’ll post photos later once they’ve opened their gifts.

I also made my first-ever good batch of hashed browns. I grated 4 small russet potatoes and put them in a pan with oil. They browned properly without sticking impossibly to the pan. They had a slightly off taste, though, which I attribute to either the potatoes being old and greenish or the oil I used. I’m used to using olive oil and this was my first time cooking with SmartBalance. Anyone have any opinions on this?


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