Chickens Arrived – Photos

Our chickens came today – all 25 arrived lively and peeping. It was the most amazing package I’ve ever received – hands down. They were making an awful racket, which I assume they kept up for the last 72 hours straight. Now, we have some really really tired baby chicks. They just fall asleep standing up and their little head slowly sinks down. One fell asleep on top of the makeshift watering container I crafted.

All the chicks are eating and drinking. No sign of pasty butt, spraddle leg, or any other weird ailment. Just a bunch of tired, peeping chickens. The area we set up seems plenty large for them for a week or so and it looks like they actually like snuggling in to snooze together.

There is one chick that went off on its own in the corner and has been doing nothing but sleeping. I roused her to ensure she got something to drink and eat before recommencing slumber. We’ll need to keep an eye on her – she just isn’t acting quite like the rest.

More later, but here are some for now…


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