Day 1 – Gig Harbor Send Off!

Saturday, May 2, 2009 ~ This morning we woke early to get to Gig Harbor public boat ramp and start packing the boats.   Gay from Gig Harbor Rent-a-Boat organized a wonderful send-off paddle.  Despite the rainy weather, about 12 of us pushed off the shores at 10 a.m.   It was great having the company along and very sad to leave Lynn and her hospitable family.  

Most of the send-off crew turned back at the end of the harbor, but two new friends paddled up to near Lisabuela on Vashon Island with us.  We were feeling good and the weather was rainy but decent and we decided to push on to Blake Island, our second planned camp. 

Arriving at Blake, we were met with a downpour.   We set up the tent in the pouring rain and sopped up huge puddles on the tent floor.  I knew it would be wet, but this wind was not so expected.


1 Mike Brown { 05.13.09 at 8:11 am }

Awesome! i will SO look forward to this adventure, and we certainly hope your travels are safe and rewarding! I hear the wind out there is stellar…

2 Barbara { 05.14.09 at 10:12 pm }


Just checking in with you and wishing you well. The weather has been wet and we hope you are keeping dry. Barbara

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