Day 11 – Anacortes to Spencer Spit

May 12, 2009 ~ Late start which included a lovely cheese omelet for breakfast.  Called Roche Harbor to see if my drysuit arrived, but it sounds like it hasn’t yet.  Not sure what the hold up was… Jim sent it over a week ago.

Trying to time our crossing to Cypress Island w/ slack in the Rosario Strait.  Seemed to have failed.  We paddled out 200 yrds offshore and got tossed.  Turned tail and headed along the coast north towards Guemes to make the crossing smaller.  Waited til the ferries stopped ferrying and sprinted!

Skirted the south shore of Cypress and crossed to Blakely which was pretty uneventful.  As Thatcher Pass constricted, the wind and currents picked up to create some serious challenges getting through to our final crossing to Spencer Spit.

Phil’s shoulder is really bothering him again.  He wants to take another rest day tomorrow.  I’m worried we might not be able to complete the trip because of his shoulder or my drysuit not arriving.

Sunny weather today but windy.


1 Jim Tanton { 05.27.09 at 6:30 pm }

Hey guys! I am still so relieved you got the dry suit. We miss you guys here and hope you’re trip is going wonderfully. Phil- I hope your shoulder is giving you less problems.


2 Phil { 05.28.09 at 4:41 pm }

Thanks Jim. Shoulder is giving me problems yet, not bad but I’m worried nonetheless. Lots of miles yet to paddle. Otherwise things are going pretty well. Missing you guys and looking forward to sharing stories when we get back. Thanks for the note! We’ll be out of touch for a little while here, but will say hi when we can. Take care!!

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