Day 14 – Jones Island to Posey Island (Roche Harbor)

May 15, 2009 ~ Short day, hot, dry weather. Woke early to get through the tide rips in Speiden Channel around slack. When we pushed off, water in the San Juan Channel was glassy. A few porpoises made an appearance. A few good tidal pushes helped us along our way through Speiden Channel. We quickly found ourselves entering the beautiful town of Roche Harbor to pick up our packages. We knew we had a Spot unit waiting and a resupply box and were hoping the drysuit arrived, but were not optimistic. Phil picked up our mail at the post office while I went in to use the restroom. Arriving back at the post office, Phil handed me two packages and instructed me to read the return addresses… one resupply box as expected and one… DRYSUIT! It made it! But… where was the Spot box? There was even a voicemail on the cell phone specifically saying that the box from SPot had arrived. Turns out the overnight packages get delivered to the Haros Inn/Hotel whereas the regular mail gets delievered to the post office! So… all 3 of 3 boxes arrived safely and as expected to Roche Harbor. No internet in Roche. Not feeling well this afternoon… dehydrated, tired, hungry, and stressed. The island is nice.

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1 cindy { 05.31.09 at 9:43 am }

Be safe. Come home if you want to or just need to. You have been there for 1 month now.

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