Day 15 – Posey Island to Canada!

We made it to Canada! Crossed Boundary Pass today from Stuart Island directly to the customs station on South Pender under calm skies and glassy water. Got pulled a bit to the west and had to fight not to get pulled away from Pender, but made it. Apryle was quite ill, combination of heat and dehydration and uncomfortableness from the new drysuit? We made it to Beaumont Park after going through the customs formalities and failing to find the facilities (bank, library, etc) we needed in Poet’s Cove resort.  The resort was super plush though, and the folks there were very friendly, and hooked us up with a refill on water.  Fresh water is scarce here in the Gulf Islands, apparently.

So we’re gonna take a rest day here. Shoulder is doing OK but I don’t want to push it, and we’re looking forward to the Gulf Islands. Thus far, Canada has been pretty nice. Beautiful campsite, though waterless. Begged 6L of fresh water from a nearby sailboat…thanks Chris!

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1 bethany cox { 06.01.09 at 9:52 am }

CONGRATS ON CANADA!!! thats really exciting i know. make sure to take good care of yourself. we just took a 5 day rest because of my trap muscles. taking it slow is better than having to stop. thats for sure.

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