End of Semester

Kinda strange, how quickly the semester ended. It happens every semester…but always manages to sneak up on us. You’d think we would be smart enough to not have that amaze us every time. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am really excited to end the semester and get on with my life. I never want to be that busy with meaningless stuff again.
I have to throw a note in about last weekend. I will not say much, to protect the innocent (and not-so-innocent) but what a strange weekend! A birthday party, an aid fall, a great movie (first in a while….you might by some stretch of the imagination call it a date), roommates and neighbors…all together made for an interesting day or two.
So as mentioned, I saw the movie Amelie yesterday…what a good film! I enjoyed it thoroughly, thankfully….because it’s not often anymore that I’ll drop seven dollars for two hour’s entertainment. So the film was set in Paris….kinda got me going again. I definitely must go back there. I have time though…all the time in the world, if past experience holds. On that note, I must go argue that very point with David Hume. Later all.


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