Colorado Trail Final Preparation

I’ve been more or less out of commission with respect to hiking for the last two or three weeks; first a bruised ankle from an unfortunate post-holing incident in the Comanche Peaks and more recently a head cold that has laid me low. But I’m recovering nicely and I think that I’ll be in good shape in another few days to start our CT hike!

We’re pretty much set at this point. We are planning resupply points in Breckenridge, Twin Lakes, Mt. Princeton, Lake City, and Little Molas Campground. Of those, we’re mailing ration boxes to Twin Lakes, Princeton, and Little Molas. The boxes are pretty much packed.

Still settling on a stove. The cat-food can stove is the likely winner, but we need to figure out what quantity of fuel to carry and how to carry it. Seven days worth of denatured alcohol works out to be quite a lot of fuel.

If you are interested in joining us for a day or more somewhere along the trail, use our SPOT map to keep an eye on our location. We’ll hit the OK button each night when we make camp. We won’t be carrying a cell phone on this hike., and planning a meeting point is logistically difficult anyhow given the vagaries of foot travel in the mountains, but you are welcome to try to meet us at the next trailhead. Bring some fresh fruit, please!


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