Day 19 – Montague to Eden Island

May 20, 2009 ~ Crazy hot out today!! About 90 degrees in the sun according to Phil’s watch. I removed the drawstring on my drysuit this morning. My back feels better already. Paddling along the shores of Galiano Island we got up close and personal with a seal rookery and a sea wall with dozens and dozens of bird nests. Many different types of birds and they sure were making a lot of noise. Currents seemed to be with us all day today until the very end.

Eden is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Rocky ledges (not conducive to kayak landings and made for a challenging unpack and pack of the boats), wildflowers – pink, purple, white, and yellow of different sizes and shapes. It was tough to pick a place to pitch our tent because we didnt want to crush any flowers. The island is small, smaller than a football field. No deer. Lots of hummingbirds. Made another new dish for dinner out of the NOLS cookbook that turned out well – vegetarian meatballs with pesto sauce.


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