Day 20 – Eden Island to Wakes Cove

May 21, 2009 ~ Warm with wind in the morning. Wakes Cove is located across the Gabriola Passage from Degnen Bay. It is on the North end of Valdes Island. We learned that camping is NOT permitted, despite it being marked on our map as a campsite.
We were prepared for strong southerly currents crossing Tricomali Channel this morning, but had only a bit of chop. However, the chop and wind picked up and we had to fight our way up the coast to Blackberry Point. Thought Phil was going to give up… he was so dejected from the battle to gain ground. Wind died down just in time and convinced him to keep going to Wakes Cove. We passed large sandstone cliffs eroded out into dripping, blobby formations.
Gabriola Passage was not bad… funny currents, but not strong.
Dinner I tried another new concoction, but used too much wheat flour and the patties came out gritty and grainy. Worst dinner so far.

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1 Uncle Lee { 06.05.09 at 7:09 pm }

Hi you two, Sounds like you are seeing lots of wild life and country. What is the total milage you have traveled ?

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