Day 21 – Sightseeing at Degnen Bay

Hot… maybe 85 degrees. Very low on water. We stayed to see the petroglyphs in Degnen Bay, just a short paddle across Gabriola Passage from where we were camped. Again, conditions in the passage were nothing crazy. Found the first glyph near the water. Tied up our boats near the gov’t dock and walked about 1.5 miles along the road back to a church where a trail led to the other carvings. The carvings date back to around 500 BC. We only saw about 6 of the supposed 50 glyphs. We also saw a really neat owl. I thought the petroglyphs would be carved onto the sides of cliffs, but they were actually on horizontal sandstone slabs on the ground. Moss and dirt and leaves, etc. were growing over much of the stone. On our way back to the dock we tried to get more water but there is no water in Degnen for public access. We’ll need our remaining 4L to get us through the rest of today and a pretty long paddle tomorrow. Pizza tonight.

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1 Rhoda Magistro { 06.07.09 at 5:04 pm }

Are you having a good time??
Happy to hear how you are doing. How is the shoulder,Philip? You keep writing about this great adventure!! Love, Yiyi!

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