Day 25 – Newcastle Island to Southey Island

Back on the water after a relatively long “rest”/resupply in Nanaimo.  Today was a great day.  We paddled about 11.5 miles along the coast of Vancouver Island in some pretty big conditions.  The character of the paddling seems to have changed.  Whereas before we were island hopping and in quite protected waters, now we have the Strait of Georgia to our right, looking for all the world like the open ocean.  The wind was from the east and not too bad, but had kicked up 4ft wind waves.  Let me tell you, the 4 footers seem like real monsters, looming over your head as they approach, picking the boat up like so much driftwood, and for a second giving you an entirely new perspective as you perch on the crest.

We did fine with the paddling though, and continued along the coast and crossed to Southey Island in the afternoon.  Pretty wild spot, it took a while to locate a campsite.  Beautiful though, and we cooked dinner and went to bed early after a relaxing evening.


1 Ollie Jay { 06.14.09 at 1:42 am }

Hello there. I have been following your progress as I am coming out to Vancouver at the end of June to paddle with some friends further North. They flew out on Fri and should be leaving Port Hardy (north of Vancouver Island) on the 15th so you might just bump into them. There wioll be three of them paddling Wilderness systems kayaks, two guys and a gal. Rich, Geoff (older looking) and Asling (Ash). They are heading up the inside passage and aiming for thirty miles a day. I am hoping to catch them up at Prince Rupert. Anyway hope you get a chance to say hi and good luck with the rest of your trip,
Ollie Jay

2 Phil { 06.17.09 at 1:04 pm }

We’ll keep an eye out for them. We’ll be leaving Port hardy sometime towards the end of this week or beginning of next (21st? 22nd?) Thanks for following along! 30 miles a day is about twice our mileage target, so we might not cross paths.

3 Barbara { 07.13.09 at 11:24 pm }

Been thinking about you two and hope all is well. We hope you visit us again at Gig Harbor Rent-A-Boat and Charters. You made a great start from our harbor and hope to see you again.

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