Day 7 – Rest on Camano Island

Fri, May 8, 2009 ~ Gorgeous weather today!!

Did not sleep well.  That makes for about 3 weeks of restless nights stacking up for me (for those of you who may not have spoken with me during that time, the two weeks before launch were pretty hard on me).  I’m starting to get some pretty strong tanlines on the backs of my hands and callices on my palms. 

Washed my hair in the ocean today.  It dried much faster than I expected. 

Sat on beach all day and cooked, read, watched birds.  The birds pick up clams, fly up about 10 ft, drop the clam onto the rocky beach, and then fly down to see if they’ve successfully cracked it open.  If not, they repeat as needed until they receive their meal.   Watched them picking starfish off the sea floor to eat. 

Phil made the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Hello everyone!  Doing great today!!

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1 Kate { 05.18.09 at 4:40 pm }

It has been so wonderful to hear from you!!! I am so glad all is going so well! Brian, Lhotse, and I send good thoughts your way daily!

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