Day Four – Weather Day on Fay Bainbridge

We had intended to take one rest day at Fay Bainbridge, but the second storm of the trip had whipped the Puget Sound into a bit of a frenzy.  The next travel day would take us on three relatively large crossings, first from Bainbridge across Port Madison, then three miles across the Puget Sound itself to Richmond Beach, then a shorter crossing from the mainland over to Possesion Point on Whidbey Island.  We weren’t up for it in these conditions, so we spent my birthday resting again on Bainbridge.  The weather was great, aside from the wind.  A few squalls blew through, but mostly it was clear and sunny.  Baked a tasty pesto pizza on a campfire for late lunch/early dinner.  Food has been working out well, though we seem to have a bit too much.  I imagine our appetites will ramp up soon enough, though.

I did take the boat out for a spin in the surf today.  I was curious to see how the conditions would feel, and if we could paddle despite the whitecaps.  Near shore things were fine.  The unloaded boat felt lively and responsive.  I rolled and braced a few times, though the conditions did make it more difficult than still water.  It wasn’t exactly big, the waves were 2 feet mostly, but it was bigger than Boulder Res!  I paddled straight out to where the whitecaps were blowing and got a taste of the angry ocean, though, and decided that waiting out the weather was prudent.  It’s downright scary when the wind is blowing little streamers of foam around and pushing the bow of the kayak all around.  I felt almost out of control, so paddled back to dry out and relax.


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