Day Six – Possession Point to Camano Island

Southern Puget Sound has nice paddling, and linking up the Cascadia Marine Trail campsites is very doable, but requires some long days.  Today was one of them.  We started at Possession Point and paddled north along the Whidbey coast for a while.  Calm, glassy conditions for the most part.  We crossed to Camano under beautiful calm conditions with no trouble around midday.  I could have sworn I heard whales blowing, but dismissed it as someone ashore and we paddled on northward along the Camano coast.

“Thar she blows!”  Sure enough, Apryle soon spotted heart-shaped whale spouts on the horizon.  Once, twice, ten times, too many to count.  The whales were a mile or two away and covered ground very quickly, but we watched them blowing back and forth across the Saratoga Passage for nearly two hours as we paddled north.  Thankfully they had vacated by the time we arrived in their vicinity; Apryle isn’t quite ready for a close encounter with a giant of the deep. 

The afternoon was a painful, slow crawl against the wind and current.  We could have walked on shore faster than we paddled.  We were paddling at 1.5 mph for a few hours.  The day seemed as if it would never end.  2 hours of paddling, stop for a pee, stretch, and snack.  Then back in the boats for another punishing push.  But as the sun sank into the Whidbey horizon off our port bows, we gradually crept up to Point Lowell on Camano and spotted the tell-tale CMT marker.  Hooray!

The CMT site was perfect, secluded and protected.  We decided that we had earned a rest day, so we set up a comfy camp, cooked dinner, and crashed for the night.


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