Gear, gear, gear!

As our launch date approaches, the gear has been piling up. I feel like we have been keeping the ground carriers in business for the last month. The day we returned from Canoecopia, we received our phenomenal Werner paddles. Light as feathers, really incredible. We opened up a pair of Banks Fry-Bake pans, which are the best means of producing pizza and cinnamon rolls in the backcountry. We also had a few assorted boxes of safety gear (paddle floats, bilge pumps, PFD strobes, etc). Tent arrived somewhere shortly after that, as well.

Yesterday we received a waterproof case for our camera, which is an impressive piece of engineering. All the controls work right through the case. Very excited to take it out on the water! We also opened a package containing a Waay Cool kayak fishing handline, which should be the ticket for keeping us in fresh fish when the fancy strikes.

Most exciting was the arrival of the first installment of Kokatat gear yesterday. My drysuit and liner, both PFDs, poagies, paddling jackets, and a rain hat for Apryle, and a host of repair and maintenance items. We tried everything on and the fit is excellent. Apryle’s drysuit is still in the works. Thank you Kokatat for making some great equipment!

Once we get everything sorted and unpacked, we’ll take you on a video tour of the new equipment…so stay tuned! We’re hoping to get out and give it all a try, though the weather is still being uncooperative. We might suck it up and paddle tomorrow, despite the flurries, 40mph winds, and 35 degree temps. Gotta get tough!


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