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Fry Bake Expedition cookware
The question always comes up, “what are you going to eat out there?!” Four months in the backcountry might sound like a tedious, bland culinary adventure…but thanks to Banks Fry-Bake lightweight outdoor cookware, we will not be chowing on your average backcountry fare!

The Fry-Bake pan is an incredible piece of cookware. The pans are extremely durable, lightweight aluminum that does an excellent job of heat distribution. The anodized surface is easy to clean, and can be scrubbed with sand, gravel, or any natural “scrub brush” you might find on an expedition.

Great for sautéing, the Fry Bake comes into it’s own when matched with a fresh yeasty doughball. Using the unique Fry Bake lid, backcountry bakers can use the “twiggy fire” technique to produce perfectly browned cinnamon rolls and breads without flip-baking.

I’ve used Fry Bake pans for a number of years, ever since discovering them on my NOLS course in 2004. On the Go Wild expedition, we will be using an expedition sized pan as well as the lighter, smaller alpine pan to feed our hungry selves! Check them out; they’ll change your world.


1 Beth (Beef) { 03.19.09 at 2:55 pm }

Phil- I remember your mouth-watering creations. Apryle is in good hands.

2 Phil { 03.20.09 at 10:05 pm }

Thanks! I certainly hope to eat well. Apryle has some food stress, to be sure….but I figure that we can pile enough calories into the boats to make it a non-issue.

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