At the Copa…Copacabana

Hottest spot north of Havana…..whatever that means! I arrived today in Copacabana, where the internet access is almost as expensive as the views are incredible. We are talking glittering blue Lago Titicaca stretching off forever, like the ocean, but clean and fresh, with snowcapped 6000m peaks floating on the horizon and puffy clouds seemingly within reach above.

So I spent the last twelve days hiking across the Cordillera Real, from the town of Sorata at 2800m, over passes, through valleys and tiny little pueblitos whose inhabitants never make it more than one town away, finally over Paso Mullu at 4980m and to Quto Thi’ya, where I jumped into the back of the local public transport, a dusty pickup filled with Bolivian campesinos, and headed to La Paz. The trek was good…really good, but I had had enough. The girls I was hiking with are continuing on, to La Paz on foot….but I had other things in mind. Not to mention some concern about the political situation…it seems that they are constantly talking of road blockades here in Bolivia and in Peru as well. It just wasn’t worth getting stuck. But I had a good experience, learned to load a mule and speak a bit of Aymara, as well as cook strange local grains and dishes.

So here I am, relaxing on the shore of Titicaca. That pretty much sums it up for now…..few days of recovering and eating trout, then off to Cusco to learn about the Incas. Then to Lima and Huaraz….to climb!


Thursday, May 20, 2004: Camera and such

Hey. Camera is kaputt….couldn’t get it fixed in La Paz. But I have 15 great rolls of film at least! If you could send me a replacement, that would be absolutely incredible. I don’t really know much about what is out there…but I have seen a lot of slick digitals down here and think it is probably the best way to go. If you can find something that runs on AA or AAA batteries, or at least something relatively common (not a weird rechargable), and has some manual features…that would be a good camera for me I think.
Also, talked to Sean about the bag….he can bring whatever down. Just email him please and let him know if he’ll have to sign for it or not. The bag I want is my big western mountaineering down bag…tan storage sack (that can stay home, just the stuff sack needs to come).
Thank you so much….just let me know how everything works out.
Also, can you send me nono and yiyi and gram and pap’s addresses? Thanks!


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