Attempt on Cerro Tronador

After recovering from my bout with giardiasis, a couple of fellow NOLS students and myself made an attempt on Cerro Tronador, near Bariloche.

They didn’t have a tremendous amount of mountaineering experience, and we got a very late start from the hut. We observed a slow but sizeable wet slide avalanche near our route and decided to call off the summit bid.

Instead, we practiced crevasse rescue, flinging ourselves into the yawning voids and then top-roping the bullet-hard ice afterwards.

Mwonos 303
Mwonos 304
Mwonos 305
Mwonos 306
Mwonos 307
Mwonos 308
Mwonos 309
Mwonos 310
Mwonos 312
Mwonos 313
Mwonos 314
Mwonos 315


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