Back from NOLS Patagonia

I´m back in the civilized world again….just rolled in out of the Patagonian pampa this morning. I´m getting totally blown away by music and cars and random strangers, unlimited food and heat and showers and email! So this will be kinda short…I promise to write more once I regain my wits…I´ve got a few stories in my journal waiting to be transcribed. Patagonia was and is amazing…I had an excellent worthwhile experience and can´t wait to share all I´ve learned with everyone.

My email account was deactivated about half a month ago from inactivity, so if you´ve sent me anything important, I´ll request that you kindly resend the message. Also, feel free to write back…I´ll be checking in semi-regularly for the next few months.

Time´s up…..ciao!

Phil, who smells MUCH better than he did this morning….but still hasn´t shaved :)


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