After leaving my friends in Bariloche, I spent a week or so traveling north through Argentina and Bolivia. I was a tourist in southern Bolivia and saw some interesting sights, but became somewhat jaded with regard to the travel circuit and the frivolity accompanied by it. Still, it was an amazing, if poverty-stricken, part of the world.

Mwonos 322
Mwonos 323
Mwonos 324
Mwonos 325
Mwonos 326
Mwonos 327
Mwonos 328
Mwonos 329
Mwonos 330
Mwonos 331
Mwonos 334
Mwonos 335
Mwonos 336
Mwonos 337
Mwonos 338
Mwonos 339
Mwonos 341
Mwonos 342
Mwonos 343
Mwonos 347
Mwonos 350
Mwonos 351
Mwonos 352
Mwonos 353


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