Coming Home

Itis a sunny morning in Huaraz. The weather here seems to be stabilizing a bit….good every morning and bad every afternoon, rather than the totally unpredictable pattern we have been suffering for the past two months. Maybe good climbing weather? It doesn’t really matter that much, though, because I am leaving today.
Huaraz has felt like home to me, especially in the past few days. I have been hanging out with friends in town, nursing my headcold, eating a LOT, sleeping, and spending far too much time on the internet. Every morning, walking out to start my running around, the sun casts it rays on the giant peaks of the Cordillera that shine on the horizon. And I smile, but the peaks aren’t breathtaking anymore….they’ve become common, expected. I know I will miss them so terribly in a week, in a month, but for now I am finished with them.

My friends have been leaving one by one, now I remain alone here. My flight home from Lima is now on July 28th, so I have some time to kill before getting on that plane. As much as I love it here in Huaraz, I am saying goodbye and fleeing my boredom, heading to the coast for two days before ending this whole adventure. I am so sad to leave…leave my neighbors, the ‘oreo lady’ on the corner, the Polleria Diana, the juice place Fruti Frutita, little Quechua people, and the freedom of the hills. But enough is enough, for the time being.

Being more or less finished for this trip, it was time to draw up the list….the ‘Official List’ documenting the most notable of my exploits down here. I’ve included pretty much everything, regardless of how insignificant….because I’ll want to remember it in the future. The obvious exception was the completion of my NOLS course…..that one speaks for itself. Also have avoided ratings. Many of the ratings down here are subjective or condition-dependent. The majority of what I climbed was really easy.

I’ll keep you in the loop on the tail end of my travels…after a day or two of relaxing on the beach in Trujillo, of course! Until then…



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