Postcard from NOLS Mountain Section

We received a third postcard from Phil last week. I transcribed it today and may have gotten some of the locations and spellings incorrect. He should be in the middle of the last section of his NOLS course finishing mid April. We hope to hear more from him then – perhaps even a phone call! The front of the card is a picture at “Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine” which is where we think all of these places that he mentions are either located or are close by. Enjoy the card: (transcribed by Dani Magistro)

March 9th, 2004
Hola Familia!
Life has changed in Patagonia! We are now on mountain section.cold, wet, windy. Life as a kayaker was fat and happy. here it is lean and hard. We carry huge loads: 60 – 70 lbs of rations for 10 days plus equipment over the most interesting terrains. boggy turba with knee deep water, hellish jungle-like bushwhacking through Calafate thorns and dense Canelo trees, all the while dealing with incredibly harsh weather. First day of mountain section we hiked 4 km. through massive rain, 50 degree F temp, 50 mph wind gusts. It has rained for most of every day this week.though today is nice, 60 degrees F and only rained a bit this AM. Now we’re at the intersection of Rio Balmaceda and Rio Serrano near the home of a poblador (subsistence rancher) named Marin who is holding our rations. Unfortunately, we’re losing another group member. Gailan hurt her leg on a steep downhill bushwhack two or three days ago and has been struggling since. She was kind enough to mail this card for me. We’re all sad. Anyway, we are hiking in probably the most amazing place in the world. From camp yesterday and this AM we could see Cerro Balmaceda, Cerro Donoso, the Cuernos del Paine and the unbelievable bulk of the Tyndall glacier stretching off into the limitless icy waste of the Southern Icefield. We hope to cross the Tyndall next week. 8 km across the windy, crevassed ice. May be able to do some peak ascending as well. Donoso in particular. Again learning a lot like aggressive drying, appreciating the blue sky I’m writing under like never before, crossing waist deep rivers, dealing with constantly wet boots, suffering and loving life. Eating tremendously well.baking lots, huge meals every AM, PM. Starting to smell bad. wasn’t a problem on kayak section.but nearly 40 days in the same clothes is adding up.
Not much else to say now. just wishing you could see this place I’m in and have just a taste of the life we’re living out here. Can’t say I miss civilization at all, but I am really looking forward to talking to you and everyone!!!! Miss you all!

Mwonos 151
Mwonos 152
Mwonos 153
Mwonos 154
Mwonos 155
Mwonos 156
Mwonos 157
Mwonos 159
Mwonos 160
Mwonos 165
Mwonos 166
Mwonos 167
Mwonos 168
Mwonos 169
Mwonos 170
Mwonos 171
Mwonos 172
Mwonos 173
Mwonos 174
Mwonos 175
Mwonos 176
Mwonos 177
Mwonos 178
Mwonos 179
Mwonos 180
Mwonos 181
Mwonos 183
Mwonos 185
Mwonos 186
Mwonos 187
Mwonos 188
Mwonos 189
Mwonos 190
Mwonos 191
Mwonos 191 - Michel
Mwonos 192
Mwonos 194
Mwonos 196
Mwonos 197
Mwonos 198
Mwonos 200
Mwonos 201
Mwonos 203
Mwonos 204
Mwonos 205
Mwonos 206
Mwonos 207
Mwonos 208
Mwonos 209
Mwonos 210
Mwonos 211
Mwonos 211 - Michel
Mwonos 212
Mwonos 213
Mwonos 214
Mwonos 215 - Michel
Mwonos 218
Mwonos 219
Mwonos 221
Mwonos 223
Mwonos 224
Mwonos 226
Mwonos 227
Mwonos 228
Mwonos 231
Mwonos 233
Mwonos 234
Mwonos 235
Mwonos 236
Mwonos 238
Mwonos 239
Mwonos 240
Mwonos 241
Mwonos 243
Mwonos 244
Mwonos 245
Mwonos 246
Mwonos 247
Mwonos 248
Mwonos 252
Mwonos 253
Mwonos 255
Mwonos 256
Mwonos 257
Mwonos 258
Mwonos 259
Mwonos 260
Mwonos 261
Mwonos 297
Mwonos 298


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