The End

My experience in Peruvian city seems to have an odd correlation to the quality of the chicken joints there. Urubamba had pretty good chicken, and Huaraz was off the charts. (Hats off to the Polleria Diana.) The pollerias in Trujillo are terrible.

I came here to kill some time between Huaraz and my flight home….to alleviate the boredom of awaiting my flight. Expecting something of a tropical paradise, I was slightly disappointed to note a marked resemblance between Trujillo and Lima. Grey, damp, walled-in feeling….

Towards afternoon things became much nicer, though….the wind came up and cleared the sky, and stores finally rolled back their fortress like facades to do business. Blue, lively, this place became a bit more bearable. I went yesterday morning to the ruins at Chan Chan….a sand city lying between the desert and the sea….and wandered about the reconstructed city for a while. In the afternoon, I headed to Huanchaco with a Belgian girl met at the ruins. We had lunch and killed the afternoon relaxing on the Pacific shores, watching would-be surfers wipe out in the green waves.

She left late in the afternoon, and I remained on the beach. Sitting there, listening to the waves crash and feeling sand under my feet, I felt like I had reached the end of a very, very long journey. No matter that the ‘real’ end is two days and 600km south in Lima, I am finished.

Seven months and seven days, it has been, since I left Philadelphia heading south. More than seven months of learning, of suffering and loving life, of adventures and of boredom, of being a tourist and a traveler. Seven months that taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn….how to LIVE outside, for any length of time, comfortably. How to speak Spanish. How to climb mountains, cross glaciers, kayak tidal canals, hike with 70+lbs on my back, make dinner out of whatever happens to by lying around, and so much more.

So this is the end…I leave tonight for Lima, then tommorrow night I fly home. Thank you to everyone for your continued support through this trip, and for keeping in touch. Hopefully you were entertained a bit by my stories…I look forward to sharing all the little things and all the photos when I get home.

Who knows what the next adventure might be? I have a dozen ideas floating around in my head…but two trips have captivated my dreams since leaving Patagonia. One involves the rock towers of the Cirque of the Unclimbables in northwestern Canada, the other a large sailboat and lots of time. Time will tell….

Thanks again, looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!!!!!!!!



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