The Official List of Trip Highlights

‘Official List’ of what I did in South America

– March 16th, 2004 Crossing of the Tyndall Glaciar, S. Icefield, Patagonia, Chile
14km. With NOLS Semester ‘Mwonos’.

– April 5th, 2004 Cerro Obelisco, 1629m, Patagonia, Chile
Rock scramble from camp at 550m. With Michael Epstein, Gailan Shear, Justin Iscra, Heath er McPherson on NOLS Semester ‘Mwonos’ during independent student group travel.

– April 26th, 2004 Attempt on Pico Argentine, 3300m, Cerro Tronador, Bariloche ARG
High point approx. 2600m. Turned back due to time, poor snow conditions. With Jon Dodge, Alex Nees, Jack, Kit Freedman of NOLS Semester ‘Yekchals’.

– May 8th-18th, 2004 Trek from Sorata to Qota Thiya, Cordillera Real, BOL
High point Paso Mullo 4900m. Total distance unk. With Jessica Milnes, Jennifer Medina, local guide Natalio, arriero Mario, and mules Pasta and Anicleto.

– June 9th, 2004 Attempt on Nevado Maparaju, 5326m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
High point approx. 5200m. Turned back due to whiteout, heavy snow. With Shana Stavre, Sean Yaw.

– June 16th, 2004 Attempt on Yanamarey Sur, 5220m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
High point 4600m (base camp). Turned back due to altitude illness in team member. With Shana Stavre, Ron Schildge, Sean Yaw.

– June 23rd, 2004 Nevado Shaqsha Central, 5703m, via West Face, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Climbed to summit ridge at approx 5700m. 9hr ascent, 5hr descent. With Sean Yaw.

– July 2nd, 2004 Attempt on Nevado Artesonraju, 5999m, via SE Face, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
High point approx 5500m. Turned back due to storm conditions high on the peak. With Sean Yaw.

– July 9th, 2004 ‘Nevado de Cahuish’ 5115m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Climbed during failed second attempt on Yanamarey Sur. With DanielSchultze.

– July 12th, 2004 Nevado Pastoruri, 5240m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Climbed during ice-climbing outing. With Daniel Schultze.

– July 16th, 2004 Nevado Vallunaraju, 5686m, via N Ridge, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
8hr ascent, 3hr descent. With Daniel Schultze.

-During more than seven months in South America, spent 106 nights afield in tent/bivy sack. Excepting my Bolivia trek and NOLS course, at no point did we employ guides, mules, cooks, or porters.


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