Four miles to the lake and back

This week’s workouts:
Mon – xtrain
Tues – 3 : Toots and I ran 3 miles today for my first day of my 12 week training program. It was a chilling 18 degrees. I kept an eye on Toots and he seemed so happy to be out running he didn’t appear to be cold. He even waded into the deep snow a few times to mark, so I figured he must not be too bad. The way out wasn’t bad at all, but we turned around at 1.5 miles (I wore my Garmin) to start home and the wind really hit us. Now he’s crunching on a rawhide bone.
Wed – 2: Woke up to flesh-shredding wind so stalled on running until late morning. Toots and I ran 2 miles, though after the wind died down. We put Toot’s jacket on him today.
Thur – 3: Toots and I ran 3 miles, from my house down almost to the fisherman’s nook at the lake.
Fri – REST
Sat – Toots and I ran four miles down to the lake and back this morning. I way underestimated the temperature and overdressed by a layer or two. Turns out it is a pretty nice day!
Sun – xtrain


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