Getting Ready

I don’t really have much to say today. Two months from right now I will be standing somewhat bewildered at the airport in Santiago, Chile…wondering what my next move will be. Actually, I know what that move will be….I’ll become traveler phil again for a little while. The goals are always so simple then….need local currency, find a bank. Hungry….so find a cheap dive and eat. Need a place to sleep….so find a cheap hotel or hostel. Need to get out of town, buy a bus ticket. I think that if you dropped me anywhere in the world, I could find myself a meal and a bed for the night within a few hours. Hopefully I’m right!
Wake up for a second…’re not there yet. There is still that pesky economics paper, and the EMT exam, not to mention finals. My involvement with the Pitt Outdoors Club has pretty much come to an end….I’ve stood in front of my last meeting and led my last trip. Kinda sad, but I am ready to move on. Climbing in the White Mountains right after finals will be a nice transition…..priming me for the suffering and excitement to come.
So for now I’ll go to class, write papers, take exams, and tick off those remaining days.


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