Snow Therapy

Just the other day I was lamenting my recent lack of climbing at work. My boss Nathan looked at me and said simply, “You need some snow therapy.”

He was right. The snow is flying outside my window and my soul is at peace. This weekend provided some much needed snow therapy, hiking through the Dolly Sods with Apryle. I feel totally refreshed, revitalized…ready to rock and roll and tackle some stomach-wrenching, digit-freezing, windburning, knuckle-bashing objectives. The Sods reminded me a little bit of Patagonia and a lot of the Daks….wild and wonderful. Apryle was a champ, adapting quickly to backpacking…a bit hesitant at first, but by yesterday she was dropping layers, tying her mountain boots tightly, and crossing streams nimbly on stepping stones with nary a regard for the icy waters below. Someone said to me that the mountains are a sacred place; it makes me so happy to enjoy them with someone like her.

An ever-so-brief trip report is up on my outdoorsing page. Now it is time to dry out, put away the gear, and scheme on how to bring together the next big objective!


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