House and Home

Well, we did it. Closed on the house. Already been two weeks – which is a little bit hard to believe. We’ve been here six months today, and I’m pretty happy.

My parents and grandparents are visiting this week, helping us do a little remodel. We tore out the bathroom and are totally rebuilding it. The plumbing was a mess…old galvanized pipes so corroded inside that I don’t even know how water got through. Now all shiny copper. We are putting in a tub and a nice vanity, and a dishwasher in the kitchen. The whole process has been pretty stressful, from the nightmare shopping trip to Home Depot to deciding on tile vs. linoleum. Also just hoping to get out and do some stuff with my family this week; don’t want the house to eat up every minute of their visit. All in all though, I’m having a good time – it is really cool to get to do this project with my dad and grandfather.
We were treated to an incredible show yesterday. A bull elk herded his harem across the street and into our neighbor’s yard – bugling and strutting the whole way. We watched the elk for half an hour as they munched and ambled not fifteen feet across our fence. Really incredible – I was five feet from a really large bull elk. That doesn’t happen everyday, even in Estes Park.
Stay tuned for before-and-after pictures of the remodel, the elk photos, and more commentary.


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