Jury Duty

I served Jury Duty on the 19th of December.  About thirty of us piled into a little room at the Court building in Loveland, and watched a short video about how proud we should be to perform our civic duty.

In all honesty, I was interested in serving.  I just didn’t want to miss my flight on Friday; a one or two day trial would be fine.

As luck would have it, I was randomly chosen for the jury.  After a brief but tedious voir dire during which we each introduced ourselves and expressed firmly that we had no close friends or acquaintences in law enforcement, the Judge let the attorneys loose on us.

We were twelve, to be reduced to six.  The prosecutor, the District Attorney, had few questions.  But the defense wanted to know all about us.  Is it okay for a woman to hit a man?  Is it okay for a man to hit a woman?  What do you consider to be self-defense?  If the law allows it, should you hit someone back?  Do you think that cops are perfect or fallible?

I told her that I thought that cops were only human, and could make mistakes just like anybody else.  Everyone else on the jury seemed to think that cops were pretty significantly better at remembering things than the rest of us plebians.  The prosecutor must not have taken kindly to my stance.  I was summarily excused, along with five other radical thinkers.

So I got out of serving a full day.  I think our legal system is pretty fair, and enjoyed my short glimse….though it will hopefully be my last for some time.


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