Hard to believe that a year ago to the minute I was driving south through a blinding snowstorm with Captain Spam in the passenger seat, headed for a grand adventure aid climbing the Crack of Dawn. What a year. Never manage to pull that much off again, I wager. Seven months of travel, the hardest rock climbing I’ve ever done, biggest glaciers I’ve ever trodden, some almost-serious kayaking, a new set of running shoes. Whew. I’ll admit, I am feeling a bit of a letdown. Trying to plan a weekend backpacking trip seems like such a scam….a cheap excuse for what I really want to be doing. Perhaps that’s why I’ve laid in bed for the past few free days…trotting along on the Laurel Highlands Trail pales in comparison to the places I’ve been lately. A change would be nice.

Apryle is away again for the week…back to Vegas, this time on business. It honestly feels like she just came home from the last trip..not more than a day or two ago, and she’s already off again. I suppose that spending some time apart is a healthy thing in the long run, but that is far too logical a thought to accept. So tonight I am sad. Will have to keep myself busy busy this week…

I suppose I’ll get some reading done. I have a stack of classic mountaineering texts with bookmarks firmly held after the prologue. Annapurna will be the next to fall, then The Last Steps – The American Ascent of K2. My thirst for the edge is far from slaked after Peru and Patagonia…..far from it. No…now I know where the edge might be, and I want to go back there and probe it a bit. See just how far I can push it without breaking through. Oooooh – I want to be out there again! A single hard-core weekend might do it. Might hold me over. For now.

But for tonight, living through Maurice Herzog’s pen will have to do.


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