Moved to Estes Park

Moved. I’m sitting at our kitchen table, watching the setting sun melt the lingering winter snow off Lumpy Ridge as the wind rustles the pines just outside our door. Breathing the thin air, thinking about the ice we climbed yesterday and the promise of grand alpine adventures lingering just beyond the cloudbank that hides the snowy Rockies to the west. I am so amazed by this place, so pleased by this change.

A tough change. Moving out here was harder than I could have imagined. Stuffing my life into packs and traipsing off towards the far ends of the earth had become routine, I thought, why should moving west be any different? When I left for Patagonia, I thought I might never come back. Saying goodbye to friends and family was rough, but not unbearable. Moving here, the stress of packing up and throwing my life in with Apryle’s nearly killed me. And saying goodbye was nearly impossible; even though I knew I would be back to see everyone again. It was really hard to keep in mind the words I wrote before leaving for Patagonia: that each time the challenges have been greater; but the rewards commensurate.

Truer words I could not have drawn upon. I love it here. Every morning when I leave our cozy little apartment, my jaw drops at the spectacular panorama laid before me. There is ice to climb fifteen minutes from our door. Alpine spires like I have dreamed of and traveled for, mere hours from here on foot. Snow to ski, trails to run. Elk and deer that wander into town and stare mindlessly at the passersby. Our apartment is delightful, perfect for the two of us. Food is cheap, my job interesting and rewarding, and the locals almost suspiciously friendly. We have bank accounts, a telephone number, a local address, cute homemade curtains, and a pair of goldfish. Apryle and I are happy, and life is really good.
I’ve been busy the last couple of days. Apryle has done a better job of keeping things recent on the web, as you can see by following the link to the right. Pictures of the fish, the apartment, ice climbing, and such. Our updated contact information lies above. Email access is less frequent than before, requiring a short hop down to the Estes Park Public Library. We are eager to hear from everyone. And if you find yourself passing through, be sure to drop in for a round of maté and some catching up!


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