All Our Eggs in One Basket

Two brown eggs in a basket

Sure, it was twenty-five degrees below zero here two weeks ago. But today it was sunny and fifty, and the snow is disappearing fast. Feels like spring….and not only to me!

The chickens are enjoying the break in the weather, taking full advantage of the dry warm weather to take luxurious dust baths and eat copious quantities of dirt and rocks. I’ve been sprouting their scratch feed, and they are extremely grateful (more on that later).

Lone Feather, our adopted hen, stopped laying again during the cold snap…but was squawking this morning like something was on the way. And some of the “ex-broiler” hens have been acting funny, scratching around in the nest boxes as if to say, “hey, glad this is here….feels like I might want to do something here soon…” The birds are five months old tomorrow, and -should- start laying any day now.

So it wasn’t a tremendous surprise when I found not one, but two eggs in the coop this morning! Two eggs! Lone Feather and a mystery hen! They’ve started…and I can’t wait to see who lays what tomorrow.

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1 Kate { 02.15.11 at 10:09 am }

Yum! I see lots of omelets and souffles and quiches and frittatas in your future!

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