Meet Lone Feather – Our 1st Egg Layer!


This morning I went up to see the chickens and opened the coop door.  Some of the chickens ventured out despite the snow on the ground.  Lone feather was walking around squawking and poking her head in and out of the different nest boxes.  I watched her climb into one and scratch around a bit… preparing for something perhaps?

Indeed!  I came home today after a snowshoe hike for Kirk’s and found an early Christmas present from Lone Feather.

Lone Feather is a new addition to the happy hen house.  She was in another backyard chicken coop but was getting picked on.  After slaughtering the roosters, Mark and Diana brought Lone Feather over.  It was getting dark and we believe the pecking order was thoroughly disturbed after the day’s work.  She immediately showed all the chickens that she was tough, mercilessly running after and ripping out their feathers.  I wasn’t so sure it was going to work out to keep her, but the next day she was better – chasing and pecking but not ripping out feathers with every attack.  The following day, even better, mostly making mean chicken noises and chasing but not doing much as far as pecking.  Now she acts just like any other chicken…

Except she laid an egg!  Thank you, Lone Feather and Mark and Diana!


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