New Chicken Photos

Another Red Broiler Chicken

Here are some more recent photos of our chickens. The one with the band around his ankle is the one that cock-a-doodled the other day.

banding a broiler

The Culprit: Our First Cock-a-Doodler

Golden Laced Wyandotte - Laying Hen

Golden Laced Wyandotte - Laying Hen

Ancona Chicken in background

Foreground: Ginger's feet (An Americauna Chicken); Background: Ambrosia, our Ancona, an attention hog.

Another Red Broiler grooming

Another Red Broiler Preening

Another Red Broiler chicken

Another Red Broiler

New Hampshire Red Chicken

New Hampshire Red (color enhanced)

Red Broilers Roosting

Three Broilers Roost

Ancona chicken with speckled legs

Our Ancona, Ambrosia

Chicken looks like wing broken, sunbathing chicken

When a chicken gets into the sun, it sort of melts - spreads it's wings and basks.

Another Red Broiler Chicken

Another Red Broiler

Keeping meat chickens, raising red broilers

A Red Broiler Chicken

keeping chickens in estes park

A Red Broiler Chicken

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1 Kate { 12.08.10 at 10:28 am }

They are so cute, and I love all their different colorings and patterns! I like the new blog look, too – looks great, clean and fresh! I miss the cool pics in the top banner, though. And I miss YOU! :)

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