Out of sorts

So I went climbing yesterday…it was probably the last time I’ll get outside to free real rock in a while. We still are planning to go to Seneca in January, but more and more I expect that we’ll be doing our fair share of aid on that trip. In the meantime though, I think I might just do some more subterranean exploring.
I’m pretty out of sorts. I’ve been running myself into the ground at every possible opportunity since freshman year of high school, and I think it caught up with me last night. I’m just tired of running around like an idiot all the time. And now that I’ve finished the latest of the big projects….the Schenley Park cleanup and the Telluride Mountainfilm festival, my old friend Pereza is back. (That’s spanish for laziness, folks.) Between being slightly disillusioned with most of my classes and not really motivated to do anything but the extracurricular, I am set up for a decent slide. Thanksgiving break and 13 credits coming my way next semester should help at least a little.
So in the remaining week, I’ll just slog through it and see what happens. This kind of thing is usually temporary.


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