Ran 3 Miles Today – Run with Me!

This week’s training schedule is as follows (same mileages as last week).  Phil thinks that writing the week’s runs is difficult to follow.  I am writing my full week’s schedule with each post so that any readers out there can keep me honest and so that I can look back at each week and get excited at the end because I’ll be able to see that I haven’t cut corners.  As many of you know, I believe race-day is just a way to celebrate successfully completing a disciplined training plan.  My run for the day will be highlighted in orange.  If this system is hard to understand to anyone else, let me know and I’ll try to change it.

The website is up for the Horsetooth Half Marathon.  I know a few of you have run 5k’s here and there and, as you can see, this week’s runs are 3, 2, and 3 miles – so I know you can join in with the plan at this point!  This weekend’s run is a four miler, which is supposed to be a bit challenging – that’s why it’s called the “long run” for the week, so don’t worry if that sounds tough.  Jim… Kate… Lynn… Nathan and Alicia?  …Bueller?  I can think of 4 dogs who would love to train for this half marathon… Wilson, Lhotse, Ghengis, Toots, help me out here, convince mom and dad to train for the Horsetooth Half!  Yippee!

Mon – Stretch/Strengthen
Tue – 3 – ran to the lake and back with Toots this morning.
Wed – 2
Thu – 3
Fri – Rest
Sat – xtrain
Sun – 4


1 Phil { 02.03.09 at 11:16 pm }

I am very tempted, being as the race literally ends at the New Belgium brewery. But I hate running roads. So I’ll just go to the finish line and be supportive.

2 alicia and nathan { 02.04.09 at 5:57 pm }

we’re in for some of the training!

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