6 Mile Run – Alone.

Mon – Stretch/Strengthen
Tue – 4 – ran with Beckham. It’s funny how each dog has his only little hangups. Becks ran right next to me the whole time with just a small reminder once or twice when the wind came up and he wanted to GO. But he barks at stuff. Other dogs I’ve run want to mark everything, or pull but never bark. Toots did not pull either. Am I kidding myself in thinking that I might be getting better at running with dogs and letting them know they need to follow my lead?  We’ve been watching dogs now for about a month straight.  I might need to borrow Genghis to put this theory to the test.
Wed – 2 – not very exciting.
Thu – 4 – ran four miles.  also, not super exciting.

Fri – Rest
Sat – xtrain – went skiing
Sun – 6 – Did this full run, but really did not want to.  I had no Jim, no Lhotse, no Toots, and no Beckham.  “I’m ronrey.  So ronery…”

Next week is a step down week with a race-pace 5k in place of my long run!  Hoorah!
Mon – Stretch/Strengthen
Tue – 4
Wed – 2
Thu – 4

Fri – Rest
Sat – xtrain
Sun – Race Pace 5k


1 Kate { 03.02.09 at 9:09 am }

Poor Apryle… But at least you did it! Good job! What a fantastic display of motivation! Here you are with no dogs, or Jims – and I have an abundance of dogs! :)

I ran yesterday – but it was so, so lame. I only did 2 miles, and it was painful and slow. Today I am doing 3. Hopefully it will feel better than it did yesterday!

2 Kate { 03.02.09 at 9:45 am }

Yes, I am overflowing with dogs! I love it! Yesterday morning I woke up with Lhotse curled in the crook of my knees, and Genghis licking my face on one side, and Wilson nuzzling my shoulder on the other side. It was amazing!!! Last night Genghis fell asleep on my lap for an hour while we were watching a movie. He is so cuddly! :)

3 Apryle { 03.02.09 at 10:08 am }

I had no idea you had Genghis too! Wow. I’m not sure what else to say, but wow.

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