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Although we will be spending the majority of our time paddling in British Columbia, our journey begins in Gig Harbor, Washington.  So, we definitely don’t want to pass up an opportunity to highlight important environmental issues in the Puget Sound.  Turns out, BC is not the only coast seeing declines in salmon populations, though perhaps for some different reasons.

Puget Sound Chinook salmon, Hood Canal summer chum, bull trout and Puget Sound steelhead are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Coho salmon are federally listed as a species of concern.

What’s the problem in Puget Sound?

According to Puget Sound Partnership,

Factors limiting the survival of salmon include degraded water quality, low stream flows during key spawning times, high water flows that degrade critical spawning habitats, hatchery practices, harvest, migration barriers such as dams and culverts, ocean conditions and the loss of key habitat in marine nearshore areas, estuaries, and river environments needed for juvenile rearing.

Interested in getting involved?  We are.

We are currently planning an event in the Gig Harbor – Bainbridge Island – Seattle area in conjunction with the Go Wild Expedition.  Please let us know if you would like to get involved.   We are seeking the support of local organizations, businesses, and individuals interested in planning a fun, educational event.  There are plenty of opportunities – large and small – so if you have any time you could commit, please contact us at:

And, Go Wild!


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