September 11, 2001

Too bad the “day that will live in infamy” line has already been taken. This morning before I went to class, hijacked aircraft crashed into both of the World Trade Center towers. I heard about it in my theory of international relations class….spurring a big discussion on political realism. Well, after class all hell seemed to break loose. Apparently one also hit the Pentagon and one crashed in Somerset, not too far from Pittsburgh. Our city shut down pretty quickly….all classes were canceled and the Union canceled activities….no POC meeting tonight. Which gives me a completely free day, something I haven’t had in a while.
I made cookies. :) Maybe later I’ll bake that banana cake. Need to do some grocery shopping, and perhaps get the shelf up and do some other odds and ends. I might even tackle King Lear ahead of time. If the wait weren’t so long to donate blood, I’d be there now….but I suppose I can hold off till later.
I’m not gonna even bother explaining those last few days….a whole bunch of miscommunication and craziness came together and left me entirely confused. Everything worked out, but we learned a bit about how to run this club. Monopoly beckons….more later.


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