Shucking Wheat Photo


Phil and I have been doing some fairly interesting things lately with chickens, gardening, crafts, and food. I’m going to try to improve my photography of these lovelies. Below is my first attempt. I took this photo awhile back and was sorely disappointed with it. I was inspired by Jim’s beautiful food photos to revisit it with some photoshop action and worked it to the point where I’m now pretty happy with this first attempt.

Now, this is a photo that has a story to it. Not sure if the photo tells the story as I’d like or not… I’ll let you decide. As I mentioned in a previous post, Phil and I met some friends who have horses. The stables is a real hang-out. We met some cowboys. Whilst discussing cowboy-type things such as spurs and manure, Phil learned that the one guy was/is a wheat farmer from Nebraska. Just so happens that Phil was in the market for some wheat. Just so happens this cowboy dude had some wheat – like a garbage bag full of wheat in the backseat of his truck. Presumably to chew on during the drive from Nebraska to Estes Park. Regardless, he was kind enough to give the bag to Phil and Phil took to shucking that wheat the same evening. This is a photo mid-shuck.

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