Spring is in the Air

Today has been a great day, following a great week, and hopefully continuing into a great year or two.

For starters, the mail was full of excitement this morning.  A handful of checks attesting to the firm growth of Apryle’s business never hurts.  My hunter’s education card opens the door to a freezer full of elk this fall.  And to cap it off, an Italian postmark containing my great-grandmother’s birth certificate.  Straight from the Ufficio dello Stato Civile in Monforte San Giorgio, Sicily….this certificate is one of the key pieces of legal paper I’ll need to pursue Italian dual citizenship.

Apparently Italy honors citizenship by bloodright.  In other words, since there is an unbroken line of Italian citizenship on my father’s side of the family, the Italians consider me to be a citizen.  By assembling a vast quantity of birth, marriage, and death certificates and submitting an application to the consulate in New York, it seems that I’ll be able to obtain an EU passport.  I sent two letters a few weeks ago in fumbling Italian to the small towns where my great-grandfather and great grandmother were born.  The arrival of this certificate is so rewarding; I feel like I am making significant progress.

I quit running a couple weeks ago; after a miserable effort to run 7 miles on the roads around Estes against brutal winds and zero motivation.  I simply folded my arms and walked home, vowing the end of my road running career…at least in winter.  Now that the air is warming and the wind dying down, I am starting to feel like running again.

But no marathon.  I might be interested in an adventure race, or a bunch of hard 14ers, or a climbing binge over the summer.  Or a bigger adventure yet.  I picked up a book yesterday on the Continental Divide Trail, an epic 3100 mile journey from Mexico to Canada.  If we can find the time and money to hike six months across the backbone of the country, you might be reading trail reports next summer.


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