Still no carpet

Another month goes by, and I still have yet to see the carpet in our house. It has been a chaotic month or two – heck, it has been a chaotic year thus far! All is well though. We are slowly settling in for the winter; the wind started blowing this week and the mountains are blanketed in blown snow.

The biggest news of late is the official launch of All Yours Invitations, Apryle’s custom handmade wedding invitation company. I am thoroughly enjoying the process of starting a business (though to her credit Apryle has done almost all of the work without my help). I did code the website, which I am pretty pleased with, and helped write the business plan. She makes really nice cards, folks, so if you are or anybody you know is getting married (or needs invitations for a party, or christmas cards, or anything you can dream up), send them over and she’ll make something beautiful for them!

I’ve been talking to Turtle and Justin, good friends from the ‘Burgh, about their climbing oddessy planned for Summer 2006. In doing so, I’ve read through a few old trip reports and looked over some photos. And I miss the mountains. Strange, because I live in them – but I miss spending a week in the Winds, and I miss waking up at 4am in a bivy sack. I easily spent a month of nights outside in 2003, something like 170 in 2004, and 3 in 2005. I don’t like that. I feel so tied to my job – I couldn’t go outside if I wanted to from June through September. I want to take Apryle and go explore this place, and not on day trips. Waking up sick-to-the-stomach at 2am and busting tail to get up an alpine route before the afternoon storm hits is not enough for me. I need to feel the wind rock the tent at 12,000 ft. I need to forget what day it is, and only know that we’ve been afield for about a week, or two, or ten. I want the satisfaction of living close to the earth, cooking my meals on a single-burner stove, and carrying my entire life on my back. And I don’t know how to get there from here.


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