Summer Update

Summer is here and going fast!  Been a while since I’ve posted an update, so I’ll fire off a quick one.  We spent the last couple of weeks taking care of odd jobs that have been on the list for a while, and I’ve learned a couple of things that I’m pretty proud of.  Did the fiberglass repair on the sailboat, built two chairs, and rewired the boat trailer, notably.

Haven’t climbed rock in 13 months.  Not missing it, for whatever reason.

But the garden is doing well and the sailboat providing some evening fun.  Last summer I scoured the Front Range for bigger puddles to drop our little boat into.  Every lake has its fee, though, not to mention the price of gas driving up and down the hill with a boat in tow.  So this year, I think we’re gonna stick to Lake Estes.  I can have plenty of fun tacking back and forth with the mountains in the distance.  Maybe we’ll head to Dillon for a weekend of camping and sailing, but even that doesn’t have to happen to satisfy my sailing desire.

Apryle’s parents, aunt and uncle, and grandmother are in town visiting, which is great.  We drove all around the park yesterday and Apryle is fishing with her uncle and dad today.  We’ve got some loose plans for the week, including a bunch of fishing, some brewery tours, and a fair number of hikes.  With a bit of luck we might even get someone up to the top of Longs before the week lets out.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.


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