Thankful for Birds

We are thankful for family, friends, a great warm house, and good health, and of course food. Thanksgiving has come to be a day to celebrate by sharing good food – especially of the poultry variety – with family and friends. As we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, we often take time to thank the big guy upstairs, friends and family for making the trip, etc. This Thanksgiving, in addition to your regular giving-of-thanks, I challenge you to also give thanks, either silently or aloud, to the animals who have lived and died only for this day of feasting.

Consider Choosing a Free-Range Turkey for Christmas
In addition to being a more humane option for the turkey, it turns out these free-rangin’ birds are better for the plate, too. Meat from turkeys that spent some portion of their lifetime outside had 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, 28% fewer calories, 50% more vitamin A and 100% more omega-3 fatty acids (according to research conducted by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education Program). Yes, they cost a bit more. BUT, if you’re a Starbucks junkie, compulsive shoe buyer, or eat out for lunch once a week – you could probably skip just one or two of these indulgences between now and Christmas and get your family a healthier free-range turkey or chicken for your next holiday.


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