Thanksgiving Break 2001

So ends Thanksgiving break, 2001. I think it was a good week. Not quite so good as last year, mind you….but if we went to the Outer Banks every year it would get old I think. I actually spent this break in the ‘Burgh, catching up on the things I should have done a while ago and cleaning up the apartment. I think today has been my most productive day though….really finished cleaning everything and even went to the Museum!
Which I should have done a while ago. That place is really cool, and the price is right. I’ll be heading back there from time to time, that’s for sure. So I’m pretty much over my little slump. I needed a break, and I got it. I shouldn’t have any problem working my way through ’til finals and then it’s smooth sailing for at least a semester. Woohoo!
Definitely need to do some more work on this website though….I’m getting bored with the content, or lack thereof. So on that note, adios folks!


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